Our Vision

We are all scared about our future.
Our fears make us selfish and we try to grab more and more resources for ourselves.
As a result there are a lot of poor and hungry people.
The "successful" people are also unhappy because they are always on the run and under constant stress.

The change has to be initiated by the stronger individuals.
They need to let go of the fear and start believing in a vision that is greater than themselves.

We started creating companies in which the owners are almost equal with the employees.
Everything is completely transparent, everyone knows everything, there are no more secrets.
In times of financial difficulties, all salaries are slightly decreased and no one gets fired.
The company is more like a family that takes care of its members.
We are stronger together and as a part of a big family we can let go of our fear and focus on helping more people and creating more companies like this.
We started Asidus back in 2008 and in 2012 we transformed it into a company as described above.

We are looking for partners around the globe for starting more companies like this.

If you already have a company and you believe we are doing the right thing, then let's connect and start supporting each other.

Address: Klanica 6/9 (stari zgradi)